A mug for India

A few years ago, I got involved in two projects which are close to my heart: both are situated in India.

– The first project, called « A mug for Timbaktu », is located in South India about 140 km north of Bangalore.
The plan is to set up a pottery studio in Timbaktu, an NGO working for sustainable development in a poor area with much drought. This project is for the adults and children of the village.
It will give them the opportunity to develop technical skills and abilities for discovering their creative capacities, which will also connect them with their  some of their traditions.

After a few trips over there, I commited to raise funds to realise this project.
For this end, I throw mugs without a handle, which are multi functional! I sell them for €15.

If you’re interested in supporting this initiative, please don’t hesitate to come and choose your mug!

-The second project named « A mug for Tabo » takes place in the North Indian Himalayan Valley of Spiti.

I’d like to help the children of Tabo school in a village situated at 3300m altitude in the Himalayas. These children live all year in a boarding situation, sometimes far away
from their family.

After a few trips to this area and staying near the school, I noticed that they really need warm blankets and warm clothes to brave the six months of winter.
The mugs are also sold to raise funds for them.

A big thank you to help me to finance these two projects.