A mug for the earth

For the past ten years now, part of the money coming from the sale of the mugs I make has been used, as you may know,  to support two projects in India that are close to my heart (see below). I wish to continue giving them a percentage of these sales but also feel the need – especially given the current context – to support other more local projects in France which seem important and meaningful, in particular because they aim to develop organic agriculture and local food autonomy.

Two associations that I would like to support are « Terre de Liens » and « Fermes d’Avenir ». Terre de Liens aims to preserve agricultural land, facilitate farmers’ access to land and develop organic and small-scale farming. Fermes d´Avenir’s mission is to accelerate the agroecological transition via the creation of farms, training courses, publications and a crowdfunding platform.

If you wish to find out more, and can read French, here are their websites :



The two projects in India in which I have been involved for several years and which are dear to me are the following:

 – « A mug for Timbaktu » supports Timbaktu, an NGO, in South India, 140 km north of Bangalore, which essentially aims to reforest the region, to promote organic farming, offer holistic nature-based education to poor, orphaned or disabled children in the region, and “empower marginalized people in rural areas to take control of their own lives, govern themselves and live in social, gender and ecological harmony while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.”.

After staying there as a volunteer several times, I committed to raising funds to contribute to the project.

– « A mug for Tabo » supports the school in Tabo, a village 3500m above sea level in the Himalayas. The children live there year round, far away from their families.

After visiting them several times, I could see that they lacked blankets, warm clothes,etc. to spend the six months of winter.
Part of the sale of my mugs also goes to them.


 For all these projects I make mugs without handles which I sale for 15 €. If you are interested in supporting these projects, do not hesitate to order your favorite mug !

A big thank you to help me to finance these projects.